A well-curated gallery display wall can turn a boring blank wall into something that's both visually striking and creates a talking point for guests, and gives your home the 'wow' factor! Your gallery wall frames don't just have to hang above a sofa, they can be hung anywhere in your home, office, or reception area. Whether it be photos of your family and loved ones, to your favourite travel memories, to your pets, or images that compliment your room setting, here are some great tips for creating the perfect picture gallery wall display.

You will find on each of our gallery wall display options you are given a list of the sizes and shapes of the photos you will need. Make sure you select photos that complement each other, or have a common theme which ties the wall display together. Next spend some time thinking about the 'look' you're after, and don't be afraid to get creative. Perhaps you could have some of your photos in colour, and others in black and white like the example below. 

Or you could even colourize your images to compliment your wall colour like we have done in our example below.

Also you don't have to stick to snapshots that you have stored on your computer, or your phone, why not spend some time and go out and take some amazing images, or get a photographer to take some amazing shots and buy the images in digital format. This way you can create your perfect gallery wall using professional images of your family and loved ones to make your gallery wall extra special.

Lastly, if you don't have any great images but have a theme in mind you can always buy stock images, or check out some of the free stock websites such as https://www.pexels.com  https://unsplash.com, or https://pixabay.com and do a search of the theme you are looking to create.  You can also add special effects to your images by trying out different editing/enhancing software such as https://www.befunky.com where you can get really carried away! Remember if you do download stock images then make sure you download the highest resolution images for the very best results.

We hope you enjoy creating your own unique Gallery Wall, and if you need any help then please contact us by using the contact form.